5 Common Mistakes When Making Smoothies

Making Smoothies is fantastic! At least, if you do it the right way, your body will go to a new world with an awful lot of valuable nutrients that you have to see with a lot of trouble with daily nutrition to get inside. It is one of the best ways to fill your bloodstream with high doses of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, which will give a significant boost to your health

I have been making smoothies for years and have taken me some tricks with a time that I would like to share with you. Remember anyway: even if you make one of these mistakes, you’re already making smoothies, and that’s why you’re already on the road to better health, and that’s always better than no smoothies at all! I hope these tips can help you get the most out of your smoothie!

Top 5 Common Mistakes When Making Smoothies

1. Too many sweet fruit and vegetable varieties

Making smoothies is a great way to get your body’s nutrients in because these are almost instantly absorbed into your bloodstream. It gives your body an instant shot with vitamins, minerals, and enzymes. A very common beginner’s mistake is to add too much fruit to your smoothie. Although fruit is filled with vitamins and minerals, they expose your body to large amounts of sugar in the form of fructose.

Dr. Mercola says in the documentary Hungry For Change: ‘ Fructose is not your friend. It is one of your enemies that will help you to speed up the aging process. You have to limit the use of fructose, especially when it comes to the shape as it occurs in smoothies ‘.

Now that doesn’t mean that you can’t add a little fruit to your vegetable juices to give it some extra flavor, but too much fructose can peak your blood sugar level. This is not conducive to a constant energy level, and it is also not good for people suffering from Candida and diabetes.

If you can’t tolerate the taste of vegetable juices, try adding a little lime or lemon to your daily brew. These contain fewer sugars but very much flavor! A little stevia can also make the taste sweeter.

2. Your smoothie does not have the green color

The key to making healthy vegetable juices is to let the green vegetables dominate every time. Green juices contain great nutrients. Green vegetables produce chlorophyll, something that helps your body to provide your body with oxygen. This helps to detoxify and cleanse your body, it improves blood circulation, and as a result, you get a significant energy boost!

Another significant advantage of green vegetables is that they will not let your blood sugar and insulin levels peak, as is the case with sweet vegetables (carrots and beets). If you want to give your smoothie an extra green color, then you can add spirulina, wheat grass or chlorella just fine.

Save Sweet Smoothies as a treat and choose most of the week for Green. One of the best green vegetables to make a juice of is Roman lettuce. Give it a try if you’ve never done that before! You may be pleasantly surprised by the taste and how good it is to combine with all your other green vegetables in your smoothies.

3. Timing is everything!

If you want to get the most out of your healthy fresh smoothie, drink it on an empty stomach (at least half an hour before each meal). Why is that? Your body is then able to absorb all the amazing nutrients of the juice faster, so you won’t waste anything. By doing this in this way, your body will only need a small amount of energy for the digestion process.

A smoothie is not intended as a meal replacement. It is intended as a bonus of goodness that allows you to treat your body to optimal health. It is best to make a smoothie as soon as you wake up in the morning and then take half an hour later your breakfast. You will notice the difference in your body!

4. Not cold pressed

If you are in doubt by your juicer, we recommend spending a little more money and investing in a blender. Not only do they produce high-quality juice, but they also ensure that more fluid is squeezed out of your fruit and vegetables, which will eventually save you money.

A blender compresses the vegetables and the fruit slowly so that the juice is squeezed out. This in contrast to a slow juicer, which separates with high speed and forces the juice from the flesh. Cheap juicers also add heat and oxygen to the process by which the enzymes and nutrients will become destroyed.

5. Do not make smoothies at all

If you don’t make any smoothies at all, it’s time to start! Your body will thank you for the abundance of goodness you give it through the power of minerals, vitamins, essential fatty acids, carbohydrates, proteins and more!

Just make it part of your daily routine, and you will feel the difference both on the inside of your body and beyond. You may find that your facial color becomes purer and has a natural sheen, and that your immune system will also become stronger and that you have a more stable energy level during the day.

If you are struggling to get enough raw vegetables in your diet then making smoothies is a perfect option for you!

In any case, do not settle for ready-to-buy juices. Most of these are not fresh and therefore do not contain vital active food ingredients. Most juices are heated and this just kills all the great ingredients in your fruits and vegetables. Moreover, they are also often packed with added sugars which does not make it healthy.

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